Why Shouldn’t I Get a Labradoodle?

Written By: Sharon Becker

Labradoodles are intelligent, lively dogs with a lot of personality. They make excellent pets for many people. However, a Labradoodle is not the right dog for everyone. Though you may have your heart set on bringing a little (or big) ball of fluff home, it’s important to understand your reasons behind wanting this breed. Before buying or adopting a dog, take a good look at your resources and intentions before making a big decision. You want your dog to be a good fit for you, but you also need to be a good fit for your dog. While it’s hard not to want such an adorable, fun-loving dog, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t get a Labradoodle.

Everyone Else Has One

In the last couple of years, this breed’s popularity has skyrocketed. Advertised as a “hypo-allergenic” dog, people have been rushing to their nearest breeder to get their hands on this fun and friendly dog. When a certain breed becomes popular, this brings inexperienced or unethical breeders out of the woodwork, trying to cash in on this trend. This results in dogs that have physical ailments and behavioral abnormalities. In return, owners of these poorly-bred dogs turn to animal shelters because they were not prepared to raise a dog that does not fit their idea of what a Labradoodle should be.

Remember, Labradoodles are sweet dogs that need plenty of training and attention and are not accessories. If you decide to purchase a Labradoodle, make sure that you are buying from a knowledgeable and responsible breeder. Or, consider adopting a Labradoodle that needs a good home.

They Are Not Purebred Dogs

Because the breed is so well known, people forget that these are crossbreeds. While expert breeders have come to decide upon several desirable behavioral and physical traits, Labradoodles are not recognized by major kennel club organizations. Even with good breeders, there is not always perfect consistency in pups. When researching breed characteristics, keep in mind that you might experience a wider range of traits than you would expect with a purebred dog. For example, one pup might have a curlier coat than its brother, or one might be more outgoing than the rest. But, with few governing bodies certifying that each Labradoodle from a breeder fits the standard, a prospective owner may not get the dog they were hoping for.

They Require Lots of Work

When new owners get caught up in the cute appearance of this breed, they may not think about the time and energy it takes to fulfill a Labradoodle’s needs. These are energetic dogs that require frequent exercise. For many of these dogs, a walk around the block isn’t enough to satisfy their daily exercise requirements. If your busy schedule cannot allow time for at least one long walk a day, or a minimum of thirty minutes of playtime in the backyard or dog park, then you might want to consider a dog with lower energy levels.

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