6 Tips for Traveling with Your Labradoodle

Written By: Sharon Becker

If you’re going on a trip, bringing your Labradoodle along can make your travels more fun. You’ll want to make sure that your dog is happy and save during your trip. No matter your mode of transportation, here are some tips for traveling with your Labradoodle.

1. Practice driving with your Labradoodle.

You don’t want your Labradoodle’s first trip to be a long one. If you dog has never taken a car trip, it can be very scary and stressful. Take your dog on a few short trips to get them used to being in a moving vehicle. Start with a very short trip and increase the amount of time on the road over time. Make sure their trip is positive and enjoyable. When you get out of the car, give them plenty of praise and treats. If they associate car rides with positive reinforcement, they will be more likely to be calm on car rides.

Also, keep calm while traveling. Labradoodles are sensitive dogs and they know when you’re upset. Your stress may cause them to get stressed. When speaking to your dog, use a calm and upbeat voice.

2. Crate your dog.

This is when your crate training really comes in handy. Your dog may love to stick their head out the window, but it really is not safe. Your Labradoodle needs to be restrained during a car trip for many reasons. It is not safe for the driver when an energetic dog is moving around the car and being a distraction. In even a minor accident, your dog can become a projectile and injure themselves. Your dog might be struck with debris if their head is out the window. It also isn’t safe to have your dog in the back of a truck because they can jump or fall out.

If you have crate trained your dog, their crate is their safe space. If they feel calm in their crate, this will extend to your car. Their crate also keeps them safe in the event of an accident or even a hard break or turn. If your dog doesn’t already use a crate to sleep in, find one that’s the right size. It should be large enough that they can stand and turn around, but not too big that there’s a lot of extra room to run around. Also, make sure that the crate itself is securely fastened, or your dog will not be much safer.

3. Be prepared.

When traveling with your dog, make sure that you have everything they need. Make sure to bring food and plenty of water. You may even want to bring bottled water or bottle your tap water so they taste familiar. You want to make sure your dog has all of the comforts of home. Bring bags and wipes for cleaning up pet messes. You will need a leash for walking in unfamiliar places. It’s also a good idea to bring your dog’s favorite toys and chews to keep them entertained and comforted during a long trip. A few days before you go on your trip, write a list of everything your dog needs during the day. Remember to write down any medications or grooming products they will need during this time. Bring travel food and water dishes that can be stored easily in your car. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of your drive without something your dog needs to be comfortable.