6 Tips for Traveling with Your Labradoodle

Written By: Sharon Becker

4. Take frequent breaks.

You may be able to go for hours without moving around, but your dog needs time to stretch. Every few hours, find a rest stop that has plenty of grass for your dog to run around in. If they can use the bathroom, you won’t have to worry about pet messes in your car. Your Labradoodle also has a ton of energy, and they’ll need to exercise. Always keep your dog on a leash, because being in a new place may cause them to run off. Your Labradoodle is safest near you.

You’ll also want to give your dog food and water while you’re outside of the car. You may be fine with eating in the car, but it can upset your dog’s stomach. The last thing you want is a sick dog in your car. Feed your dog a few hours before you leave, and make sure they don’t have access to food while the car is in motion. If possible, wait to give them another meal until you’ve reached your destination. You want to make sure they get all of the water they need, so make water available at every stop. More stops make for a happier dog.

5. Fly smart.

If you’re flying with your Labradoodle, they will more than likely be kept in the cargo hold. They need to be in a crate that is clearly labeled for their safety. All of the latches need to be in working order so they don’t get loose during the flight. This can be a scary time, so they need to be as safe as possible. If it’s a long flight, you’ll want to put an absorbent puppy pad in the bottom to soak up messes. Write your identification information on the outside of their crate. You may also want to mark that the crate contains a live animal.

When possible, book a direct flight. Not only will it be less travel time for your dog, but the airline will be less likely to lose or mishandle your dog. It will cost you more money, but it will give you and your dog some relief.

6. Update your dog’s identification.

Even if you’re careful, accidents happen and you don’t want your dog to be lost forever if they run off. While you’re away from home, make sure your dog is always wearing their collar with tags. It’s good to have one tag with recent vaccine information and another with all of your contact information. Make sure you have an updated name, phone number, and address. If your Labradoodle is not micro chipped, you may want to consider having that done. These can get dogs back to their owner in the event that their collar or tags come off.

With these tips, you and your Labradoodle will have a great time on your trip. Your dog’s safety is a top priority, and if your dog is happy, you won’t be stressed out. Everyone will be happy once you reach your destination.