Lovely Doodles

Written By: Sharon Becker
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Lovely Doodles is run by Ekaterina who specializes in breeding healthy pups with excellent qualities, her first dam was imported from a well known kennel from Missouri called “Yankee Doodles.” All puppies are bred while adhering to the guidelines and code of ethics set by the ALAA to ensure that they will be healthy and in addition all pups are sold under a neuter/spay contract once they reach 8 weeks. The Labs undergo thorough tests for genetic problems and they are only sold after being cared for by Ekaterina for 8 weeks. If you’d like to be on the waiting list or have any questions send her an email and if you’d like to see pictures of the Doodles then head to the website!

Associations or Certifications: ALAEU
City & State/Province:  Moscow
Country:  Russia
Facebook Page: N/A
Phone Number: 7-985-233-1121

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