Gelderse Doodles

Written By: Sharon Becker
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Gelderse Doodles is run by Jacqueline de Vries and her husband Henri who have been passionate about animals ever since they were young. They used to breed Labrador Retrievers, but when they heard about Labradoodles they got interested and started to learn all they could about the breed. After plenty of research and visiting licensed breeders they were able to have their first litter in 2012 and since Gelderse is affiliated with the ALAEU and MDBA their puppies are only bred according to the highest standards to ensure they are healthy.

Associations or Certifications: ALAEU & MDBA
City & State/Province:  Didam, Gelderland
Country:  Netherlands
Facebook Page: N/A
Phone Number: N/A

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