6 Reasons the Labradoodle is the Best Breed Ever

Written By: Sharon Becker

If you’re looking for a dog that gets along well with just about everyone, the Labradoodle is a good option. These dogs are gentle, friendly, and don’t typically trigger an allergic reaction in humans. They have a ton of personality and are intelligent. There are so many good reasons to own a Labradoodle—here are six reasons why the Labradoodle is the best breed ever.

1. Labradoodles can live in many types of homes.

When you’re choosing a dog to join your family, where you live can restrict the breeds that you can take care of. This breed works well anywhere. Labradoodles can live just as happy of a life in an apartment as they would in a mansion. Labradoodles also love spending time outside in the sun, so if they need to spend part of the day in the backyard, that’s okay too. They are companion dogs, but they can also be independent when necessary. As long as their owner is willing to spend as much time with them as possible, and they get enough exercise, this dog is fine living anywhere.

2. Labradoodles have the best coat.

For the longest time, if you or someone in your household suffered from pet allergies, owning a dog was off limits. Labradoodles were bred specifically to be hypoallergenic. The first Labradoodle cross was used as a guide dog for a blind woman whose husband was allergic to dogs. They became immensely popular when people saw this new fluffy dog that didn’t cause people to sneeze. Now, people don’t have to choose between feeling ill and having a dog.

Their coat is also specially designed to shed a minimal amount. With a Labradoodle, you won’t have to vacuum excessively or worry about having all of your clothes covered in fur. Their coat produces just the right amount of oil, so they don’t require bathing unless they are especially dirty. They may require the occasional trip to the groomer for a trim, but for the most part, just need a good brushing to keep their coat looking good. They are low maintenance and low mess.

3. Labradoodles make great exercise companions.

Labradoodles have a ton of energy and require daily long walks. Some dog breeds are low energy, and can be a little lazy, but the Labradoodle won’t be satisfied sitting around all day. When you see how happy it makes you Labradoodle to go on a walk or play a game of fetch, you will be motivated to get moving.

Studies have shown that people who walk dogs walk longer than people who go on walks alone. With a Labradoodle, you’ll probably walk even further because they’ll go on forever. This daily exercise will keep both of you in shape, and your Labradoodle will love you for taking the time to help them burn off their extra energy and keep them entertained.