5 Behavioral Characteristics of the Labradoodle

Written By: Sharon Becker

When you’re thinking about getting a new dog, there’s more to look at than just their appearance. Labradoodles are adorable, but it’s important to know about their temperament before you buy or adopt. When looking at a particular breed, it’s good to know if you and the dog will be a good match. Here are five prominent behavioral characteristics that you should know about Labradoodles.

1. Intelligent

This breed is quite intelligent and eager to learn. This intelligence will come in handy when it comes to training. A smart dog will pick up basic obedience training quickly. Your pup will be quick to become housetrained with enough practice.

Like with other intelligent breeds, the Labradoodle needs training. Without a “job” they tend to get bored. It’s never good for your dog to get bored because they will try to entertain themselves. They will create games like “chew the shoes” and “dig a big hole”. Your dog won’t know that their behavior is destructive and you’ll have to correct this behavior. Giving them a job and purpose will keep them well behaved.

Having a smart, well trained fun can have a lot of fun. A dog that is leash trained makes going on walks more enjoyable. You can also teach your Labradoodle fun games like fetch that will give the two of you a fun activity to do together. These dogs also pick up on your reactions quickly, so they can tell when you approve or disapprove of their behavior.

2. Friendly

Labradoodles love to spend their time with others. If you’re looking for a loving companion, this is the dog for you. This is the type of dog that will excitedly greet you at the door every day. Some Labradoodles can be shy when meeting new people, but once they warm up to them, they will have a new best friend.

Because this dog is so friendly, there’s a good chance that they’ll jump on you and your house guests. Even though they’re happy to see you and they just want to greet everyone, it’s an annoying habit. They will probably need to be broken of this bad habit, and learn how to relax around others.

Their friendliness doesn’t just extend to adults. Labradoodles are known for getting along well with children. Your kids will love to have a furry friend to play with and you won’t have to worry about your dog getting annoyed. Of course, it’s always important to be present when your Labradoodle is with very young children. You can socialize your dog with children while you teach children how to treat a dog. These dogs also get along with other dogs. If your other dogs are friendly, a Labradoodle can be a great addition to your crew.