Jolly Doodles

Written By: Sharon Becker
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Jolly Doodles is a family run breeder that is mainly operated by Marieke and her mother. Their family always wanted a dog, however they had too many issues with allergies which made it seem nearly impossible until they learned about Australian Labradoodles. They got their first Lab in December of 2012 and the whole family fell in love and didn’t want their journey with Labs to end so they decided to look into breeding so they could make others as happy as they were when they got their pup. After plenty of research and some assistance from Mischa’s Doodles, Jolly Doodles got their own breeding dogs and had their first litter in 2016. They are memebers of the ALAEU and abide to the strict guidelines to ensure that their puppie are healthy and of excellent quality. To find out more information about upcoming litters send them an email or visit their website!

Associations or Certifications: ALAEU
City & State/Province:  Green Heart
Country:  Netherlands
Facebook Page:
Phone Number: N/A

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