Is a Labradoodle the Right Fit for Your Personality?

Written By: Sharon Becker

Bringing a new dog into your household can be a big responsibility. Different dogs have different needs, so it’s best if the owner is already capable of handling these needs. While all dogs are different, and behavior can be taught, many characteristics that Labradoodles display have been bred in for generations. If you and your dog have too different of lifestyles, neither of you will be completely happy. If you find that many of these statements are true, a Labradoodle may be a great fit for you!

1. I am capable of showing affection.

Some people don’t get excited easily or absolutely gush over dogs, and that is okay. However, the Labradoodle yearns for positive feedback. With everything they do, they are eager to please their owner. When training this dog, you might not need any other training tools besides vocalizing your happiness with your dog. A happy voice, lots of petting, and an excited expression will show your Labradoodle that you are proud of them. If your idea of showing love to a dog is tossing them doggie treats, you may want to consider another breed.

2. I like to stay active.

This is a breed that is good in different housing situations. If you plan on keeping your dog inside during the day, it’s especially important to give your Labradoodle lots of exercise. Depending on how active your Labradoodle is, one short walk a day might not cut it. If you are unable to walk long distances, or you cannot hire a dog walker, their energy may be too much for you. This breed also needs playtime separate from daily walks. Like other intelligent breeds, if these dogs are under stimulated, they get bored. Boredom often leads to inventing new, destructive games. If you’re already someone who likes to spend lots of time outside, this is a great companion for joining you on walks.

3. I am patient.

Labradoodles are known for being pretty easy to train. With any dog, training progress can start slowly. It will take some time and effort before your Labradoodle feels focused enough to learn. When they get distracted, they will need to be handled with patience. If you are quick to get angry at your Labradoodle for not doing what you want them to do, they may take your anger very seriously. They are sensitive dogs, so even a change of tone in your voice may make them feel like a bad dog. A direct voice is fine, but yelling and angry reactions are likely to upset them.

4. I am a clean freak.

One of the major benefits of this breed is that they hardly shed. For people with allergies, this is a good option for a household that would not otherwise be able to have pets. This is also bonus for people who don’t want to deal with dog hair all over their furniture and clothes. Often times, dogs that shed a lot are left outside. This breed allows owners to let their dog join in on the family time because they don’t have to worry about mess or sneezing.