4 Reasons to Get Pet Insurance for your Labradoodle

Written By: Sharon Becker

When it comes to family, you would make sure that everyone has the best health insurance coverage you can get. Why should your dog be any different? Your Labradoodle requires healthcare just like any human. Pet insurance protects you and your Labradoodle in case something bad happens. Here are four reasons why you should get pet insurance for your Labradoodle.

You’ll want to do some shopping around to find the best policy for your pup. Figure out if you need one that covers preexisting conditions or genetic diseases. If you’re buying a pup, you may need insurance more than if you are adopting a mature Labradoodle. Find one that covers many different treatments and medications. You may be tempted to choose the cheapest policy, but consider all of the expenses that your pet could possibly rack up. Regardless if you choose to get pet insurance or not, you probably pay thousands of dollars in pet care in their lifetime. If you can’t foresee yourself being able to spend more than $5,000 during their lifetime, insurance is a good idea.

1. You Can Continue to See Your Current Vet

With human health insurance, you don’t always get to visit your regular physician. Some clinics don’t take certain types of insurance and not all procedures are covered. It can be hard to find a place to go where you will be covered.

With pet insurance, things are different. With pet insurance, you can see your regular vet. When you get your bill, you can send the receipt to your insurance provider. Then, they reimburse you according to the coverage you have. You don’t have to make any changes to your pet’s care just because you have insurance.

2. Not All Conditions Are Preventable

Even if your dog eats the best food and gets plenty of exercise, there are still illnesses that they can get. Many illnesses in Labradoodles are due to genetics and there isn’t much you can do to prevent them. If your dog is ill, you want them to get the medical care they need.

Labradoodles are prone to hypothyroidism, allergies, eye problems, and hip and elbow dysplasia. These conditions require medication or surgery. Medicine and checkups can be expensive over time, so good coverage can help defray costs. Unlike human health insurance, you can get pet insurance regardless of your dog’s breed and potential health concerns. If your dog requires surgery, you’ll be glad that you had coverage.

3. You Never Know When You’ll Need It

Veterinary care can be expensive. Just a single visit to the vet can cause your hundreds of dollars. If you don’t have this money in your budget, it can cause financial hardship. It can be hard to prepare yourself for this kind of expense. You never expect for your dog to get sick or injured, so it’s easy not to set aside money for them in your pet budget.

You hear stories about dogs with diseases that are treatable but extremely expensive. Often times, owners will reason that it’s just a dog, and euthanize them. For some people, the expense of health care can be so devastating to their finances that their only option is to put their dog down. If you have pet insurance, you won’t have to choose between your Labradoodle and your finances.

4. Your Labradoodle is a Member of Your Family

Dogs are a part of the family. We give them food and water everyday, take them on daily walks, take the time to train them, and give them lots of love. If your dog is part of your family, you want them to be happy and healthy. If your dog is sick or injured, you don’t want to cut corners with their health care. Yet, so many dogs don’t get the treatment they need because it is so expensive. If it were you or your child, you would want to make sure you get the best healthcare available.

Pet insurance is not an excessive expense when it comes to your Labradoodle. It is designed to be affordable, enough to protect your dog in the event of an emergency. Being able to completely take care of your dog is a way to show your dog that you love them.

If you’re about to get a new Labradoodle, consider buying pet insurance. It is easy and affordable. It doesn’t have a lot of restrictions and you won’t have to pick and choose between different vets. No matter how healthy your dog is, they can still have emergencies that require expensive care. If your Labradoodle is part of the family, you’ll want to do whatever you can to make sure they have the care they need.

Image sourced from www.einfachtierisch.de.