4 Places You Should Never Let Your Labradoodle Go

Written By: Sharon Becker

When you’re a pet parent, you want to do whatever you can to keep your Labradoodle safe. Sometimes, this means restricting where they can go. However, there are a lot of caveats for this list. These places aren’t necessarily dangerous if your dog is under constant supervision. Problems arise when owners lose track of where their Labradoodle is. Here are a few places you should never let your Labradoodle go, unless you’re capable of watching them like a hawk.

1. Hot Places

Labradoodles are fairly sturdy dogs and can handle some exercise in warm weather. The problem is, your dog cannot tell you when he is too hot. As a pet owner, you are responsible for making the decision to take them outside in the heat. Backyards with shaded areas and plenty of cool water available should be just fine for your Labradoodle.

Use caution when taking your dog out for longer periods of time. If you go on a long walk, make sure to bring water for your dog and offer it at regular intervals. Even if you usually bring your dog along to run errands, leave them at home on hot days. A locked car can be deadly, and even a car with a few cracked windows can be sweltering.

If your energetic Labradoodle seems lethargic in the heat, give them cool water to drink and a cool area to rest. If they don’t drink or show signs of improvement, take them to a vet for treatment. If you’re walking on a hot day and your dog frequently stops and lies down, they may be overheated and you shouldn’t push them to exercise. When it’s hot out, use extreme caution with your dog, and when in doubt, keep them at home with water and air conditioning.

2. Dog Parks

Dog parks were made specifically for dogs so it seems counterintuitive that this would be a dangerous place to bring your pup. Keep in mind that not all dogs handle being off the leash or around other dogs well. In general, Labradoodle get along with everyone and are extremely friendly. If your dog is too friendly, he may annoy other dogs that aren’t socialized very well. If your pup becomes a nuisance, there’s a chance she’ll get nipped by another dog, or worse.

If you bring your dog to a dog park, you must be prepared to keep a very close eye on your dog. You must be able to spot the difference between playing and fighting dogs. Only bring your Labradoodle if she has mastered basic obedience commands. If your dog can drop whatever they’re doing and run to you at your command, your dog has a better chance of staying safe. The “sit” and “down” commands are also important here, because a few moments in a relaxed position can calm your eager pooch down.