5 Grooming Tips for Your Labradoodle

Written By: Sharon Becker

A Labradoodle is a crossbreed between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle – both beautiful dogs. So it’s no surprise that the Labradoodle is a great looking dog as well. They’re athletic, strong and have a playful, friendly charm.

Because they’re a crossbred dog, they’re not an official breed. This means their appearance can vary pretty wildly from individual to individual. So Labradoodles can present a unique grooming challenge. They do need regular grooming, otherwise they’ll be uncomfortable. At the same time, not all Labradoodles can be groomed in the same way.

Here are five grooming tips for labradoodles, as well as info on how to figure out the best way to groom your labradoodle specifically.

  1. Determine the Labradoodle’s Coat Type

A Labradoodle’s coat can look like a Labrador Retriever’s, a Poodle’s or practically any combination of the two. Your dog’s coat might be curly, soft, thick, wiry, wavy or who-knows. Generally, however, there are three broad categories of coats:

  • Hair Coats – These are straight coats, more like a Retriever.
  • Wool coats – These are curly coats, like certain types of Poodles.
  • Fleece Coats – These are wavy coats, like a combination of the two parent breeds.

Obviously, these categories are pretty broad. But you’ll want to get a general sense of the type of coat your Labradoodle has. This can give you a starting point for how you’ll groom.

Your breeder can be helpful here. They’ll have an idea of what the puppy’s parents were like and what type of coat your puppy is probably going to have as an adult. Plus, they’ll know more about the various types of coats and how to best treat them. (Note: if your breeder seems to have difficulty with these questions, that might be a sign he or she doesn’t know much about Labradoodles.)