4 Benefits of the Labradoodle’s Coat

Written By: Sharon Becker

Everyone knows that Labradoodles have a special coat. Their Poodle and Labrador bloodlines give them a unique coat texture and type. They make great pets for people with allergies because they don’t trigger much of an allergic response. They also don’t shed everywhere, and are easy to take care of. The Labradoodle coat is a big draw for potential dog owners.

1. Their coat is virtually hypoallergenic.

The dog was first bred for a blind woman who needed a guide dog, but her husband was allergic to dogs. A guide dog breeder crossed the Labrador, known for being a good guide dog, and a Poodle, known for it’s low shed coat, and crossed them. This lead to the first official Labradoodle cross that the behavior of a Labrador, but didn’t shed like one.

Unfortunately, this didn’t mean that all Labradoodles were free of allergens. In the first cross, only one of the four pups worked with the man’s allergies. As time went on, breeders got better at improving the coat. Labradoodles were crossed with other Labradoodles, making a coat that caused less of an allergic response. Today, the breed often has infusions of other breeds with the Labradoodle to improve the coat.

Even now, it isn’t possible for all Labradoodles to by hypoallergenic. Different pups can trigger different reactions in individuals. It’s even possible to be allergic to their dander, but not their saliva. For this reason, if you have severe allergies, it’s a good idea to test out pups before you take one home. Speak to breeders to see if you can acquire saliva or dander samples for testing. If your allergies have kept you from getting a dog in the past, there’s a Labradoodle out there for you.

2. They don’t shed a lot.

This breed sheds a lot less than most other dog breeds. This doesn’t mean that they don’t shed at all, but the best bred Labradoodles shed a very minimal amount. This helps keep your furniture clean and your clothes clear of fur. Labradoodles make good pets for people who want an indoor dog, but don’t want the mess that comes with it.

Some Labradoodle coat types shed more than others. One coat type has longer, straighter fur, but it sheds a moderate amount. For this reason, it is typically bred out. One common coat, the fleece coat, is wavy and medium length. This coat doesn’t shed very much because it doesn’t have a bottom coat. The other coat is the wool coat. This coat is like lamb’s wool in texture. It is curlier and shorter than the fleece coat. This coat sheds the least out of all of the different coat types. This can make a difference if excess fur is a big problem for you.