5 Things You Should Never Feed Your Labradoodle

Written By: Sharon Becker

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If you’ve ever spent time around a dog, you know that they’ll try to eat anything they can. That’s why it’s important as a dog owner to make sure you’re in full control of what they eat and don’t eat. While dogs enjoy a variety of foods with no problems, there are certain foods that can make your dog seriously ill. If veterinary action isn’t taken immediately, some foods can even cause organ failure or death. When you have a dog with the potential to be crafty, like a Labradoodle, make sure that people food is kept in pantries and not within the reach of your dog.

The best way to avoid foods that don’t get along with your dog is to ban them from eating table scraps. While it seems like a loving thing to do, feeding your dog from your plate is not healthy for them. They have different nutritional needs and digestive systems, so foods that humans can eat can make them sick. All of the extra calories can also cause weight gain, which can put stress on their joints and internal organs. It also reinforces annoying begging behaviors, which are hard to break. Make it a family rule that no one is allowed to feed the Labradoodle from the table.

If you can’t resist giving your dog people food, make sure that they eat it away from your table and after a meal. If you want, put scraps in a container and use them as training treats. Just make sure to keep it healthy—fruits and vegetables are better than bones and gristle. There are some foods that Labradoodles should never eat. Here are five foods that you should never feed your Labradoodle.

1. Chocolate

It has become common knowledge to people that chocolate is toxic to dogs. The compound in chocolate that dogs can’t eat is called theobromine. This is found in all types of chocolate and foods that contain chocolate. White chocolate contains some theobromine, but not as much as dark chocolate. Even a small amount of chocolate can cause digestive distress in your dog. Chocolate also contains caffeine, which is not good for dogs. Dogs will vomit and have diarrhea after eating. They may also drink more water than usual. If they do not receive care, they may have a seizure, have abnormal heartbeat, or if they ingest enough, death.

2. Grapes and Raisins

Not all dog owners know that grapes and raisins can be deadly for dogs because it seems like such a healthy snack. Soon after your dogs eats grapes, he will start vomiting. As symptoms progress, he’ll become lethargic. Eventually, the grapes will lead to kidney failure. This is why it’s a good rule to ban family member and houseguests from feeding scraps to your dog because what can seem like a harmless treat can be deadly.